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Longmarch lines off first engineering tire

Chaoyang Longmarch Tire lined off its first engineering tire on December 9.

The new engineering tire is size 14.00R25 LM901-E3.

In April, Longmarch Tire started the first phase construction of its 1.2 million units/year tire production. After 8 months, the first tire production lined off.

In recent days, Longmarch Tire pushed domestic and overseas projects at the same time.

On November 18, the company signed joint-venture cooperation with Pakistan Service Industries Ltd..

The two sides planed to build up full-steel radial truck tires. And Service Industry Industries held 51% shares and Longmarch Tire held 49% shares.

Longmarch Tire was built up in 2003, locating in Chaoyang Liaoning Province. After buying out full-steel radial tire production from Liaoning Tire Group, the company's production rose up year by year.