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The most niubility bus in world

On May 26th , Beijing's most niubility bus "No.728" is retired. In the past years, No.728 travels from Tongzhou, Chaoyang, East City, West City, Haidian and Shijingshan six distrcits, and named by people as "The most niubility bus in Beijing".

Every storm season, waterlogging becomes the biggest problem for city's traffic. But Chinese bus coud run on land and in water, who can say it is not niubility?

But if talking about amphibious vehicle, Qingdao's "Adventure Duck" is the really bus could run on land and in water. Of course, it is not cheap. The bus is worth of RMB 6,000,000 every one.


The bus looks like an ordinary bus, but when you notice its head, you will find that its head looks like a duck's mouth.

It is th most expensive bus in China. Because you have to pay RMB120 at one time.

The most niubility bus should be the most expensive, the most luxury and the fastest in all. Now, we happen to meet one, which has been carried to The United Arab Emirates, and used in passenger carriage between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The super bus could race to 250 km/h after driven onto its special  concrete driveway out of urban area, but will slow down to normal speed when it races into urban area. 


This bus is in dark blue, powered by electricity, and made of light materials, such as alumiumiun, carbonized fiber, glass fiber etc.

With 15 meters length, 2.5 meters wideth and 1.65 meters heighth, the bus looks like a super-long Lamborghini.

This bus is worth of 11,200,000 dollars, and could carry most 23 passenagers at one time.