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Jingdong’s first unmanned light truck road tests in specified sections

On September 28th, it is said that Jingdong, a Chinese e-commerce company, launched unmanned light van. This is the first unmanned van product in domestic e-commerce and logistics field, and the van begins road test in specified sections.

EV80 unmanned light van, corporately produced by Jingdong and SAIC, is equipped with radar, sensors, high precision map and positioning system.It can recognize obstacles from 150 meters away, and then replan its route; front camera can perceive signal lights.

According to reports, Jingdong and SAIC will carry out strategic cooperation in unmanned vehicle development and ecological construction. As one of the Chinese commercial vehicle market leaders, SAIC MAXUS provides important hardware platform and a set of perfect solutions for light unmanned vehicles. In the future, Jingdong will also open and share technology, promoting the improvement of unmanned vehicle logistics network and the construction of intelligent logistics system.

Jingdong also has a series of technical cooperation with Dongfeng Motor technical center. The two companies jointly launched the Dongfeng electric unmanned light vans. According to the overall planning of light van unmanned project and be based on a series of hardware implementation scheme of environment perception level, control level and decision execution control level, Dongfeng Motor can achieve unmanned driving.