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Hefei Vanli realizes turnaround in Aug.

Hefei Wanli Tire Co., Ltd.’s 2-million all-steel tire project reached full capacity in Aug. and turned around for first time with profit totaling 5.24 million yuan.

The project started operation in Nov. 2016.

The tire project was located in Gangji JAC Parts Industrial Park, Hefei, Anhui province, with an overall investment of 2 billion yuan.

The tires produced are largely provided for JAC autos.

According to Hefei Vanli, the project realized automatic, informative, intelligent process from raw material storage to product ex-warehouse.

The time of tire production was reduced from 48 hours to 30 hours, with average output value per capita and industrial added value three times of traditional tire producers.

In addition, the project has applied a number of environmental protection technology and energy-conservation technology, with the comprehensive energy consumption during the production at 0.22 tce/ton of tires.