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Europe now recycling 92% of scrap tires —ETRMA

Ninety-two percent of all end-of-life tires in Europe were collected and used in 2017 for either material recycling or energy recovery, according to a report from the European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers' Association (ETRMA).

This compares with recent annual findings of a recycling-recovery rate of 93% to 95% in Europe, the ETRMA said.

The ETRMA consolidated data from 32 nations — including the European Union, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey — to reach the 92% figure, it said. The remaining 8% of tires could not be tracked down, it said.By weight, some 1.96 million metric tons of scrap tires went to material recovery, the association said.

This included 1.47 million tons granulated to recover their rubber, steel and textiles; 326,000 tons in cement from the co-processing of tires in cement kilns; 105,000 tons in civil engineering applications; and some minor amounts for pyrolysis, steel mills, foundries and other applications.Another 1.18 million tons of scrap tires went to energy recovery, the ETRMA said. This included 83% in cement kilns and 17% in urban heating and power plants, it said.

The collection of end-of-life tires is organized across European countries, the vast majority under Extended Producer Responsibility systems, according to the ETRMA.

"The European tire industry is committed to an innovative and sustainable economy," it said.Letter

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