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Rockland auto parts company sues Chinese manufacturer over defective alloy wheels

Alloy wheels made in China for a Rockland County company had a problem, according to a federal lawsuit. They were “completely unusable.”

Wheel Choice LLC of Monsey, sued Jiangsu Sainty Machinery and Import & Export Co., for $2 million July 21 in U.S District Court, White Plains, claiming that the Chinese company made defective products.

After-market wheels are made of lighter materials than standard steel wheels, yet can provide greater strength, better handling, improved braking and reduced fuel consumption.

But aluminum alloy wheels designed by Wheel Choice and manufactured by Jiangsu failed to function properly, the complaint states. In one instance, the inner wheel barrel allegedly ruptured while the car was in operation. The tire burst. The car spun out of control.

Wheel Choice, founded in 2017 and managed by Rafael Pirutinsky, developed the Alfina and the Montoro brands for luxury cars and trucks.

In 2018, Jiangsu delivered a batch of Alfina wheels for Wheel Choice to sell to tire companies. But from the outset, Wheel Choice claims, the product performed poorly.

Alfina samples checked by Jiangsu and Wheel Choice allegedly failed tensile tests.

Wheel Choice demanded that Jiangsu take back the wheels and ensure that none be redistributed. Jiangsu did take back Alfina wheels, according to the complaint, but then resold them to other U.S. distributors, including Choice Auto Inc., a California wholesale tire company.

Distribution of the Alfina wheels will “sully and tarnish” Wheel Choice’s reputation, the complaint states, and “poses a danger to the public at large.”

Wheel Choice accuses Jiangsu of negligence, fraud and breaches of contract and warranty. It is demanding $2 million in damages and is asking for a court order barring Jiangsu from distributing Alfina wheels.

U.S. District Judge Cathey Seibel granted a temporary restraining order July 24, prohibiting Jiangsu and Choice Auto from distributing or selling Alfina wheels.

Wheel Choice is represented by Chestnut Ridge attorney Jeremy Rosenberg.

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