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Geely to produce auto air purification system with N95 mask protection standard

Geely Auto said on Feb. 9 it has kicked off the R&D on its intelligent air purification system (IAPS), which will be China’s first in-car purification system that meets the protection standard equivalent to N95 surgical mask.

As part of efforts to build the G-CLEAN, the exclusive intelligent health ecosystem for Geely, the automaker will integrate its global R&D resources and form a special expert panel to research and develop the N95 mask-standard cabin air filter.

Adopting high-efficiency composite air filter, the IAPS system is capable of rapidly purifying the air inside the car, said Geely. Apart from the dust, noxious gas and PM2.5 particles, the system can filter out at least 95% of airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns, especially the respiratory droplets on which the novel coronaviruses usually latch.

The company said it targets the R&D to be completed in 20 days and mass production to be started within 30 days. The 150 Jiaji MPVs donated to the virus-infected region will carry the new product in the first place.

Geely Auto announced last week it would start the R&D of the anti-virus “all-round health” car with RMB370 million to be invested initially.

The “all-around health” car targets average consumers rather than a product dedicated to medical purpose, said Geely. Some existing technologies, such as isolating hazardous substance in the air outside a car and purifying the air inside a car, will be applied in the new product. More importantly, the developer aims to make breakthroughs in technologies of virus prevention, cancellation and reduction.

Besides, bacteriostatic and antibacterial substances will be added into the air conditioning system, handles and buttons to prevent bacteria from reproducing or killing them.

Apart from the innovation in products, Geely also offers a great favor in capital to fight against the epidemic. On Jan. 28, Geely Holding claimed that it would closely cooperate with the Li Shufu Public Welfare Foundation to establish a special RMB200 million fund to support the prevention and control of the Coronavirus epidemic in Hubei, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Henan provinces, as well as other areas around the China that are experiencing coronavirus outbreaks.

The fund would also support the construction of temporary hospitals in affected areas and provide assistance to medical staff, construction personnel, media, and volunteers on the front lines that are fighting the epidemic.