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Natural rubber exports and imports fall in Q1 2019

In 1Q 2019 (January-March), the exports of natural rubber registered a fall of 0.3% on a year-to-year basis, from 2.365 million tonnes to 2.359 million tonnes, according to the latest report from Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC).

Based on the preliminary estimates, exports fell 4.6% in Thailand, 5.2% in Indonesia, 7.8% in Malaysia; while it grew 33.0% in Vietnam and 27.8% in Cambodia during 1Q 2019 as compared to the 1Q 2018.

In 1Q 2019, the imports of NR fell 5.8%, on a year-to-year basis, for three consecutive months of reporting.

Based on the preliminary estimates, most countries have experienced a fall in imports during 1Q 2019 except Viet Nam. The country’s imports grew 12.7% to 111,000 tonnes as compared to the same period in a year ago.

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