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Rank of China Alloy Wheels Manufactures

Statistics showed thatChinaexport 63400 tons of alloy wheels in February 2017, year-on-year rising by 14.2%.

In February,Chinaexported 287mln dollars of alloy wheels, yearly increasing 10.8%, and export price was 4.53 dollars/kg.

In the past two months,Chinaexported 136,600 tons of alloy wheels in all, yearly increasing 13.3%, and reached 620mln dollars of export value, yearly up 10.1%. Export price was 4.54 dollars/kg.

There are 487 alloy wheels manufactures inChina. Amongst, the top 40 manufactures reached 528 million dollars of export value, taking 85.1% of total value; the top 100 manufactures reached 601 million dollars of export value, taking 96.9% of total value.

(All datas fromChinaAssociation of Automobile Manufactures)