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Analysis on China’s import and export of ethylene in Feb.

Statistics show that in Feb., China imported ethylene of approximately 190,200 tons, valued at 217 million US dollars (or 1.49 billion yuan), the average price was 1,138 dollars/ton (or 7,840 yuan/ton), and the import volume was down 6% from Jan., or up 81% year on year.

In terms of the exporters, there were 13 countries and regions exporting ethylene to China in Feb., while South Korea, Japan and Singapore were the top three in terms of export volume.

South Korea exported ethylene of about 43,600 tons to China, accounting for 22.92% of China’s total ethylene imports; those from Japan and Singapore took up 22.23% and 13.28%, respectively.

In addition, ethylene exported by the US accounted for 6.07%, while those from other countries and regions were at around 5%.

With respect to the terms of trade, 80.64% or 153,400 tons of China’s ethylene imports in Feb. were through general trade, slightly lower than in Jan.; 17.51% of the imports were through processing trade with imported materials, a bit higher from Jan.; and 1.84% of the imports were from the bonded warehouses.

The ethylene imports accessed China via six Chinese customs.

About 96,800 tons were imported through Nanjing Customs, accounting for 50.92% of the total ethylene imports; 31,500 tons were through Ningbo Customs, accounting for 16.57%; and 26,800 tons through Hangzhou Customs, 14.09%.

In addition, the ethylene imports through Tianjin Customs, Qingdao Customs and Shanghai Customs were all below 10%.

In terms of export, China only exported ethylene of 0.36 tons, valued at 2,088 dollars (or 14,400 yuan). All the exports were exported by Foshan, Guangdong province, via Guangzhou Customs to Hong Kong in terms of general trade.