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Flake Concept

As its name suggests, the main feature of the Flake Concept consists of 250 “flakes” made of carbon fiber that can be moved thanks to mini solenoids that pull on carbon nano-tube wires, forming a puppeteering-like system.


In their open position, the flakes serve as aerodynamic brakes and “flaps” and also help in dissipating heat from a liquid cooling system around the chassis as well as gathering energy from the sun.


When traveling at high speed, the car contracts to its closed configuration to decrease the aerodynamic resistance.


Other distinctive elements of the Flake Concept are the D-Wheels, that are flat on the bottom and integrate sensors capable of tracking the road in real time, and changing the shape of the tires to maximize contact area and grip.

The concept is powered by an original system that uses “synthetic fuel”, a sort of replaceable battery fluid capable of recharging the battery itself.


Speaking about the project, Da Feng explains, “The whole idea behind the project was a futuristic car that is almost alive, it leans into the corners and behaves like a creatures unlike current cars which are very well designed boxes on wheels.”

“I wanted movement and emotion within the styling, so i have created fragmented surfacing for the exterior.

“Fragments creates a fur like “soft” exterior shell which acts as air brakes/stabilizers when turning a corner as well as helping to dissipate heat.”


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