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China carbon black production grew lower than tires in 2017

With coal tar price soaring, China's carbon black price was also lifted in 2017, which helped the industry recover from no more than 1% of profit ratio.  

At the same time, China's 41 main tire manufactures produced 415 million units of tires in 2017, year-on-year rising 5.08%.

Amongst, there were 388 million units of radial tires, yearly up 6.15%, and 96 million units of full-steel radial tires, yearly up 6.99%.

Statistics showed that China's tire production grew 7% in 2017, only one percentage higher than growth of carbon black.

China's Provisions on the administration of highway management for over limit transport vehicles started to operate since September 21, 2016, which forbid dual-seat vehicles driving on highway.

The new rules led to tire demand soaring in 2017, which tightened carbon black supply.