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Black cat's net soared 410% in 2017

Jiangxi Black Cat Carbon Black Co.,Ltd. released its 2017 annual report on April 24.

The report showed that the company realized 6.947 billion yuan of operation income, year-on-year rising by 58.58%, and 480 million yuan of net profit belonging to shareholders, yearly soaring 410.74%

The company accumulated produced 998,100 tons of carbon black, and sold 1,019,000 tons, reaching 102.09% of sales ratio. By the end of 2017, the company has reached 1,100,000 tons/year of carbon black production capacity.

With China's strict green environment policy, large carbon black companies showed their advantages, and further strengthened, which helped the company lifting its profit capacity.

In 2017, Black Cat Carbon black invested 290 million yuan on production research, consumption reduce, recycling and environment protection.

In the next ten years, the company aims to keep its leading place in China's carbon black market, expecting to reach 22% of market share in China and 15% of global market share.