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2018 China Rubber Conference was held in Qingdao

On March 28, the 13th China Rubber Conference was held in Qingdao, Shandong Province.

The subject of the conference is Innovation, Transformation, Challenge and Chance. There were over 1000 experts and companies taking part in the conference.

Yali Deng, Chairman of China Rubber Industry Association, gave a speech about China Rubber Industry's Chance and Challenge in The New Era.

Deng said, with environment protection pressure, raw materials' price fluctuation and many other challenges, rubber industry should insist innovation, and industry transformation. 

On this meeting, Jinrong Shen, Chairman of China Zhongce Rubber Group, gave a deep analyzation on currency Chinese tire industry.

He said, Chinese tire industry was under low-profit level. With disordered competition and unreasonable policies, China's tire industry didn't healthily develop in the past years.  

Wenyin, Xu, deputy chairman of China Rubber Association, analyzed via data on different between Chinese tire industry and overseas tire industry in Japan,European and American market. 

On the meeting, experts from ANRPC, IISRP, McKinsey (Shanghai), LMC and Microsoft gave speeches either.

They shared opinions on environment protection policy, global natural rubber's supply&demand, intelligent manufacture etc..

Besides, China Rubber Association also released list of China Top 100 Rubber Companies in 2018 on the meeting.