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Beijing implements stricter policies for official vehicle rentals

In keeping up with reform on government use vehicles, the Government Procurement Center has agreed upon new legislation announcement regarding automobile rented for government use, the Beijing Times reported today. The announcement mandates that vehicles can only be rented for a maximum of two years, with a maximum one year extension for service. Government agencies are required to go through the Procurement Center to obtain new vehicles.

According to the announcement, the government has set up agreements with with 33 Beijing-based automobile rental companies, nine rental companies from other part of the country and nine Beijing automotive service shops. These agreements will last until the end of next July.

Government vehicle rentals will be divided into one-time, monthly, quarterly and annual rental periods, as well as into working days and holidays. It is hoped that these strict controls can prevent misuse of government vehicles.

The announcement also mandates that vehicles rented for government use must comply with existing standards. That is, individual vehicle's prices must not exceed 180,000 RMB ($29,278) and their engines be 1.8 L or smaller. Additionally, domestic manufactured vehicles are preferred to imported ones. New energy vehicle rentals are also encouraged.

Beijing Times