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Shandong releases top 50 rubber companies

The award ceremony for the top 50 rubber companies in Shandong province was held on Apr. 8 in Qingdao city.

The top 50 companies were selected by Shandong Rubber Association. Linglong Tire, Shandong Chenguang Rubber, and MESNAC are among the top 50.

According to statistics released by SRA, the province produced 461.05 million tires in 2016, up 12.3% from 2015 and accounting for 48.7% of the country’s total tire output.

Last year, the 39 radial tire producers in Shandong produced 300.12 million radial tires, up 15.89% and accounting for 53.1% of China’s total output.

Included were 70.14 million all-steel radial tires, up 15.49% and accounting for 58% of China’s total; 229.82 million semi-steel radial tires, up 16.09% and accounting for 51.8%.

In 2016, the province’s 566 large-scale rubber companies gained sales revenues of 416.58 billion yuan and profits of 26.67 billion yuan. The inventory of tire products valued 17.34 billion yuan and the sales rate was 97.8%, up 0.23 percentage points over the previous year.

As requested by the Implementation Plans for Tire Industry of Shandong Province to Transform and Upgrade, SRA worked out the standards for green tires in Shandong province in over two years.

Zhang Hongmin, chair of SRA, said the standards were approved by domestic experts at the end of 2016 and will guide the tire companies to develop through a low carbon emission, green, environmentally friendly path and to facilitate the transformation and upgrade of Shandong’s tire industry.