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Shandong province expects new tire capacities while slashing outdated production lines

Quite a few tire makers have announced to expand production capacities recently, most of which are based in Shandong province, east China.

If all these new capacities are put into operation, Shandong province will see 40 million to 50 million more tire capacities a year.

On March 1, Shandong Haohua Tire Company launched an all-steel radial tire project with designed capacities of 3 million sets a year.

With total investments of 2 billion yuan, the company will build four production shops and four warehouses.

On March 6, Shandong Huasheng Tire Company started the construction work of the expansion project of a radial tire factory.

The radial tire factory, which started construction in 2013, is designed with total capacities of 24 million pieces a year. Part of the production lines of the factory has already launched production.

On March 7, Hixih Rubber Industry Group said it would construct a batch of major projects, involving annual production capacities of 12 million sets of high-performance car tires and 2 million sets of truck tires.

Yongfeng Tire has recently finished the infrastructure construction of the second phase of a project that contains annual capacities of 6 million sets of steel-belted tires. The project is scheduled to launch operation by the end of 2017.

Yongfeng Tire is based in Yishui county of Shandong province. The first phase of the project can produce 12 million sets of steel-belt radial tires and 2 million sets of all-steel truck radial tires a year, which now is under operation.

According to its provincial plan, Shandong is to slash 15 million pieces of outdatedall-steel radial tire tube capacities and 12 million pieces of BIAS tires by the end of 2017. The goal towards the end of 2020 is to cut the production of all-steel radial tyretubes and BIAS tires by 30 million pieces and 20 million pieces respectively.

Besides these new projects located in Shandong province, Liaoning and Anhui provinces also have new tire projects under planning.

On February 27, Yinbao Tire launched a ceremony to kick off the construction of a radial tire project in Dingyuan county of Anhui province, central China.

Earlier, Michelin Group invested 300 million euros to build a factory in Shenyang city of Liaoning province, which is designed with annual capacities of 6 million pieces of high-performance radial tires.