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Chinese Firm Works out Implantable RFID

The implantable RFID products for auto tires produced by INESA (Group) Co., Ltd. were officially put into the market lately.

With independent property right, the first batch of products have been delivered to Triangle Tire and Bridgestone Tire.

(RFID Products)

The RFID smart label worked out by INESA successfully solved the problems of ordinary RFID label’s vulnerability to high temperature and jamming.

The vulcanization process of auto cars lasts for hours under high temperature, which requests RFID label to be high-temperature resistant.

(RFID Induction Test)

In addition, the radials of tires always jam the operating frequency and capacity, which also requests the label’s jamproof capacity.

With rich experiences in RFID label manufacturing and semiconductor packaging, INESA finally solved the problems after numerous experiments and cooperation with partners.

Four Industrial Standards on RFID Electronic Label for Tires approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially entered into force on July 1, 2016.

(Input RFID)

The standards have regulated the performance, way of implantation and coding of RFID smart labels, in a bid to ensure the safety of tires after the implantation.