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Chinese market favors Vietnam rubber

Over the past few years, natural rubber produced by Vietnam has taken an increasingly important status in the Chinese market.

Chinese market favors Vietnam rubber

The annual import volume of rubber imported from Vietnam increased to 733,000 tons in 2016 from less than 200,000 tons in 2013.

At the same time, Vietnam surpassed Malaysia and Indonesia and became the largest natural rubber import origin of China.

In 2016, natural rubber imported from Vietnam took up a two-digit market share in China, reaching nearly 17%.

In general, rubber produced by Vietnam is divided into state-run enterprises produced and private enterprises produced with different prices.

Before 2015, major rubber products imported from Vietnam were standard rubber and compound rubber, and the former was of larger volume.

The import volume of compound rubber has been kept stable at 10,000 tons/month after a two-month surge following a policy adjustment in July 1, 2015.

On the contrary, the import volume of standard rubber started to grow since July 2015 and maintained its advantage in import volume.

Market hearsay triggers fluctuation

Market hearsay went that starting from Sept., imported compound rubber 40028000 has to be mixed, and original product won’t be count as compound rubber 40028000.

Moreover, importers have to provide the report on the procedure of factories’ production techniques.

It is said that the requests are target at rubber imported from Vietnam.

The market was fluctuated after the news.

But the customs haven’t enforced relevant rules and the news became silent again.

To be honest, in spite of affordable prices and good performance of Vietnam rubber, it has work to do in setting up standards and regulations.