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Affection of imported HBR for China

The Ministry of Commerce announced Aug. 30 that it has officially launched anti-dumping probes against rubber imports from the US, EU and Singapore.

Import prices decrease year by year

According to statistics released by China, the US exported halogenated butyl rubber (HBR) of about 61,000 tons to China in 2016, valued about 150 million US dollars; EU exported about 45,000 tons, valued 100 million dollar; and Singapore exported nearly 40,000 tons, valued 93 million dollars.

According to the anti-dumping probe application published by Beijing Tianlu Law Firm, take the US as an example, the average HBR export price from the US to China in 2014, 2015 and 2016 were 4,134 dollars/ton, 3,205 dollars/ton and 2,451 dollars/ton. The export price in 2016 was 40.34% lower than in 2014.

The price changing trajectories of HBR exports from EU and Singapore were about the same as from the US.

Usually, the export price of a same product will not lower than its domestic average sales price.

The US exported 61,000 HBR to China in 2016, accounting for 29% of China’s total HBR import.

EU and Singapore’s exports accounted for 21.51% and 18.79%, respectively. The three’s HBR exports took up 69.3% of China’s total imports.

Low price disturbs China’s industrial production

Statistics show that the overall HBR exports from the US, EU and Singapore increased year by year, while their export prices declined.

The HBR products to be investigated are of the same kind as produced in China and they are directly competing with Chinese products.

Besides the advantage in export volume, HBR exported from the three countries have taken up more than 50% market share in China.

An industry insider said the US, EU and Singapore export such rubber products with large volume and low prices to China, caused negative impact on China’s domestic industry, and disturbed the order of the industry in China.