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An Irresistible Trend of Self-Owned Brands to Have a Break

Although self-owned brands focus on mid-low end levels, there is an irresistible trend for them to have a break to be high-end oriented since consumers have more requirements for products and the abilities of enterprises are promoted. Self-owned brands had eye-catching performance in this year’s Shanghai Auto Show.

To Go Upstairs Together

LYNK&CO, a high-end brand of Geely Holding Group, had the hottest exhibition stand of this Shanghai Auto Show. It designed an exhibition stand full of fashion and technologies and themed on amusement park, and listed LYNK&CO01, its first model to be mass produced, and its world debut concept sedan 03 to compete with mainstream joint venture brands.

WEY, a high-end brand of the Great Wall, also listed its first mass produced SUV----VV7.

After the 7-seat SUV GS8 was sold over ten thousand units, Trumpchi introduced its large 5-seat SUV----trumpchi GS7 for urban use this time. The car has already made a stage pose in North-American Auto Show at the beginning of this year and gained awards as “An Outstanding World Debut Model” by Forbes and “a Resounding SUV for a New Generation” by New York Times.

Where is the Confidence From?

Why do self-owned brands go upstairs together at this time and where is their confidence from? Mr. Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of CPCA, said that it is mainly due to the big promotion of the product power of self-owned brands.

Firstly, self-owned brands have products with more and more beautiful appearance; secondly, the quality of products has been better and better; above all, the core technology of their products has

Made breakthroughs constantly.

In the first quarter of this year, passenger cars of self-owned brands were sold 2720 thousand units, a year-on-year growth of 6.5%, which is faster than both the growing rate of the overall auto market and that of the joint venture brands; the market share of passenger cars of self-owned brands has been 45.7%, 0.8 point advanced year over year. In SUV segment, self-owned brands including the Great Wall, Chanan, Geely, Trumpchi and so on have occupied 8 seats in the top 10 SUVs; while in MPV segment, self-owned brands represented by Bao Jun, Changan OuShang, Scene, Lingzhi occupied 9 seats in the top 10 MPVs.