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C-NCAP Management Regulation (2018 edition) is released

CATARC released the 2017 C-NCAP assessment results for the first batch of nine models on April 20th during the Shanghai Auto Show, catching eyes from media and the society.

The nine models contain one A-class model, three B-class models and five SUV models, including BYD Yuan, SAIC-Volkswagen Phideon, GWM H7, Beijing Hyundai Elantra and FAW-Volkswagen Audi A4L, GAC FCA Renegade, SAIC GM Malibu, Hunter X7 and Soueast Motor DX3. All trial models are purchased from local dealerships by C-NCAP Management Center, and are strictly tested and evaluated by C-NCAP 2015 edition.

The C-NCAP Management Regulation (2018 edition) is also released, with formal implementation starting from July 1st, 2018. It has been eleven years since C-NCAP was firstly implemented in 2016, meeting three adaptions afterwards.

Great changes have taken place in the 2018 edition, compared with the 2015 edition. Protective performances on pedestrians and vehicles’ active safety performances are also considered. Besides, evaluations on BEV and PHEV models are newly added.

It’s learned that the new C-ECAP assessment result was released in CATARC, Tianjin on April 27th. Two models, including Changan New Mazda 3 AXELA and Chery Tiggo 7, all won gold medal prize with scores of 89.87 and 81.31 respectively.

It’s introduced that the two models in C-ECAP all got high scores in interior air quality, interior noise, hazardous materials and exhaust emission.