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Tesla sets up motor sales service company in China’s Kunming

U.S.-based startup Tesla registered on September 3 an automobile sales service company in Kunming, the capital of China’s Yunnan province.

Dubbed Tesla Motor Sales Service (Kunming) Co., Ltd., the newly-launched company involves a registered capital of $1 million and is wholly controlled by Tesla Motors HK Limited, according to Chinese enterprise information inquiry platform Tianyancha. Zhu Xiaotong, Tesla's global vice-president and head of Tesla China, serves as its legal representative.

Tianyancha's records show that the Kunming-based sales company has a line of businesses including the sale of automobiles, the dealership of used cars, the consultation of automobile technologies and relevant after-sales services, the construction and operation of motor vehicle charging stations, the motor vehicle maintenance, the sale, import/export and installment services of auto parts, rubber products (excluding natural rubber), solar chargers, charging piles, charging tanks, battery management system, and other products.

Tesla Motors HK Limited has to-day set up automobile sale service companies in such cities in China as Beijing, Wenzhou, Wuhan, Ningbo, Tianjin, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Dalian and Shanghai. An industry insider said Tesla establishing the Kunming sales company is to further develop its businesses in the southwest China market.

According to local media reports, Tesla has currently built over 40 supercharger stations and 50 destination chargers in southwest China. However, the EV manufacturer just sets up bricks-and-mortar experience centers and motor showrooms in Chongqing and Chengdu.

To expand China businesses, Tesla has founded in China an insurance brokerage that involves a registered capital of 50 million yuan ($7,320,535), according to the China's National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System.

On August 6, the company was registered in Lin-gang Special Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, where the Gigafactory 3 is located, and is wholly held by Tesla Motors Hong Kong Limited, according to the public registration records. Its legal representative is also Zhu Xiaotong.