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MAXAM introduces radial 63 in mining tyre to its range

MAXAM has added an all-new MS453 53/80R63 open pit mining tyre to its range of large mining tyres. Manufactured in MAXAM’s state-of-the-art radial tyre facility in China, part of Sailun Group, the MS453 it says was developed through the use of cutting-edge engineering and groundbreaking compounding technology. To meet the most demanding application requirements in the open pit mining, MAXAM says it has engineered the MS453 to provide the industry with a rugged and long-lasting solution for mining haul trucks.

In order to meet the toughest requirements for haul trucks that require 63 in large mining tyres, the newly developed MS453 utilises an enhanced casing construction with advanced compounding technology. “The MS453 is the result of advanced engineering, extensive research and global testing. MAXAM designed the MS453 with the goal to provide the best delivered value, greatest productivity and the lowest cost-per-tonne value for global mining operations.”

“Featuring a rugged and aggressive tread design that allows maximum tyre life for the most demanding mining applications, the MS453 is built to withstand even most severe challenges on haul roads. Taking feedback from customers and mine sites globally, MAXAM has reinforced the sidewall of the MS453 by enhancing the tread belts and bead construction to provide maximum protection and performance. Similar to the products within the large mining series, the MS453 features a deep tread depth to deliver longer tyre life. It also contains a heat resistant undertread for reduced heat built up, increasing the tire’s TKPH/TMPH.”

In addition, MAXAM has implemented a new naming structure on some products within the Large Mining Series to help broaden its future range of specialty tyre programs. “To assist customers and mine sites globally, the realignment of the model numbers will allow for easy ordering and program development as MAXAM continues to expand the haulage program.” As MAXAM Tire grows, it says it is “ensuring a precise portfolio that provides customers with a clear understanding of their solutions.”

The new product model names correlate to specific haulage tyre sizes to differentiate tread design patterns within the series. The previous MS403 in size 37.00R57 and 46/90R57 have been realigned as the MS440. All other sizes within the MS403 pattern remains the same. MAXAM believes that this realignment will improve customer communication, allowing for direct access to tread design expectations.

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