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Chinese rubber firm run a school in Cambodia

The planting base of Chunfeng rubber locates in a remote forest in the Kratie province of Cambodia.

The base takes an area of 12,000 ha., including a developable area of 7,800 ha., and rubber trees have taken an area of 3,080 ha.. At the peak season, the employees can be up to 500.

The company was included in Guangdong Agribusiness Group in 2013 in terms of equity transaction.

In 2015, the company officially opened free classes for children of local employees and residents in the neighborhood and taught them culture knowledge.

Because of the mobility of workers, students come and go in the past two years, with the maximum reaching 40-50 and the minimum of a dozen.

The parents said although the public schools in Cambodia are free, but if the students want to learn Chinese and English languages, they need to pay the fees, which are usually unaffordable for poor families. Therefore, they are very grateful about the classes opened by Chunfeng Rubber.

Guangdong Agribusiness not only recruits Cambodian teachers, it also sends volunteers from Guangdong AIB Polytechnic College to teach in the planting base.