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Ningxia Dadi Circular Dev. Carbon black project starts construction

The construction of two projects of Ningxia Dadi Circular Development Co., Ltd., a steel cord project with annual capacity of 50,000 tons and the carbon black project with annual capacity of 80,000 tons, has started.

Currently, the Shenzhou tire project with annual capacity of 20.1 million and an overall investment of 10.5 billion yuan is under construction.

An official with the company introduced that the tire project will be constructed in three phases, including 10 million all-steel tires, 10 million semi-steel tires, and 100,000 air tires.

At present, the construction of the first-phase 2.4 million production lines has been completed and put into operation; and the second-phase 2.4 million production lines will be put into operation this year.

Established in 2002, the company is among China’s top 500 chemical firms.