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Li Ganjie discloses following moves of environmental protection law enforcement

Li Ganjie was nominated on Mar. 19 as the minister of newly established ecological environment ministry.

Li answered questions of the media on Mar. 17 with respect to environmental protection inspection, which are noteworthy by the tire sector.

Supported by the top leader

Li believes that whether the central government’s environmental protection inspection will continue with vitality depends on the fulfillment of inspection group’s requests.

It has been emphasized when the inspection group was established initially, even by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Li said the environmental protection inspection by the central government was initiated and pushed forward by the president as a significant institutional restructure in the field of biological civilization construction.

Top leaders of localities take in charge

During the inspection, a total of 1,100 local officials from 7 provinces were held accountable.

The result for the second inspection will be released soon and 1,048 people from 8 provinces will be held accountable.

Sound effect of environmental protection inspection is achieved as local party committees and governments took it seriously.

Currently, 31 provinces established leaders’ group of inspection and rectification; while in 18 provinces, the team leader are the provincial party secretaries or governors.

Four tasks in 2018

The environmental protection watchdog has four tasks in 2018.

First, to launch the first round of environmental protection inspection “looking backward”, to check whether the issues have been dealt with properly.

Second, to launch special inspections in a few regions and provinces with serious environmental issues.

Third, to research and improve relevant regulations, mechanism relevant with the central government’s environmental protection inspection, legislate and regulate the inspection, and make it a long-effect mechanism and have it developed smoothly.

Fourth, to guide and urge provincial government in launching the inspection.

The ministry aims to establish local environmental protection mechanism in all provinces and inspect all prefecture-level cities.