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China synthetic rubber may reach 600,000 tons in May

Statistics from China's Customs Bureau showed that there were 590,000 tons of synthetic rubber produced in April, yearly increasing 2.3%, but accumulated production yearly decreased 5.1% to 590,000 tons in the first four months.

There was 573,000 tons of synthetic rubber produced in March, yearly increasing 1.1%, and 925,000 tons of synthetic rubber produced in the first two months.

China's SBR plant has gradually recovered operation since May. Chemical plants of Sinochem and China Petroleum kept stable operation, Wanda Chemicals and Chuanhua Chemicals are planning to re-start operation.

Meanwhile, NBR plants in China has been in operation, and are expected to expand production.

Chinese government released several policies to boost consumption, which would increase synthetic rubber's demand recovery, which would accelerate synthetic rubber plants to boost their production. 

Industrial analysts said synthetic rubber production has surpassed 1,200,000 tons in March and April. It is predicted that production would continue increasing and break 600,000 tons in May.