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Chinese tire export continued recovering in Oct.2020

China's Customs recently released its tire export datas.

Statistics showed that there were 610,000 tons of rubber tires in October, monthly decreasing 40,000 tons and yearly increasing 24.2%. And rubber tire export value rose by 14% to 9.156 billion yuan.

Amongst, there were 590,000 tons of new pneumatic rubber tires exported in October, yearly increasing 24.8%,and export value reached 8.753 billion yuan, yearly up 14.2%.

In the past ten months, accumulated rubber tire export in China has reached 5,100,000 tons, yearly decreasing 5.5%, but up 3 percentage points compared to the past nine months. At the same time, accumulated export value reached 79.217 billion yuan, yearly decreasing 10.7%, but up 2.4 percentage points compared to the past nine months.

Amongst, there were 4.9 million tons of new pneumatic rubber tires exported at the same period, yearly declining 5.6%, and up 3.1 percentage points, and export value reached 75.513 billion in the past ten months, yearly decreasing 11.2%, up 2.5 percentage points.

Divided by export units, there were 383,880,000 units of new pneumatic rubber tires exported between January to October, yearly sliding down 7.7%. 

However, freight capacity in some ports have shown of lack, and freight price up since November, which is effecting tire export. Analysts said that logistics would be an important factor to curb tire export in next few months.