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Tire export from Yinchuan surged 620%

Tire export in Ningxia year-on-year surged 620% to 120 million yuan during January to February 2018, according to Yinchuan Customs.

At the same time, compounded rubber showed obviously increase to 70 million yuan, yearly up 58.9%.

In the first two months of 2018, export value in Ningxia yearly decreased 34% to 3.44 billion yuan. Amongst, export slid 43.3% to 2.35 billion yuan, and import grew 2% to 1.09 billion yuan.

In February, export&import value in Ningxia reached 1.14 billion yuan, yearly down by 3.4%, narrowing 39.5 percentage compared to January. Separately, export value rose by 14.6% to 890 million yuan, and import value dove 38.6% to 250 million yuan.