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Why Styrene-butadiene Rubber Imports Surge?

China imported 28,600 styrene-butadiene rubber in Oct., down 14.70% from Sept., or up 23.83% year on year.

The top three sources of China's styrene-butadiene rubber imports were Republic of Korea, Poland, and Japan in Jan.-Oct; while the amount of styrene-butadiene rubbers imported from Singapore surged over 42% year on year.

In addition, styrene-butadiene rubbers imported from Russia rose over 17%, and those imported from Taiwan soared over 75%.

Styrene-butadiene rubbers exported by Iran to China in Jan.-Oct. last year was less than 800 tons; while those exported to China increased to 4,580 tons, up over 470%.

The prices of styrene-butadiene rubbers exported by Poland were around 1,200-1,300 U.S. dollars/ton in Oct., or about 10,100-10,900 yuan/ton, and the importers were downstream tire producers.

In contrast, the prices of styrene-butadiene rubbers produced by Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical Co., in Oct. were about 11,800-11,900 yuan/ton. The costs of styrene-butadiene rubbers exported from Poland were 1,000-1,500 yuan/ton cheaper than those of domestic products.

The prices of styrene-butadiene rubbers exported from Russia in Oct. were also around 1,200-1,300 dollars/ton.

Currently, the prices of styrene-butadiene rubbers in the domestic market have exceeded the record high of 15,500 yuan/ton again, up 76.6%, from the lowest point at the beginning of this year, due to the influences by the demands, costs, and natural rubber prices.

In the wake of the rebound from early November, the inquiries in the import market have been active, and the goods prepared for Dec. were sold out before the end of Nov.

The single month imports of styrene-butadiene rubbers in Nov. and Dec. are expected to rise over 15% year on year.