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US tire import shrinks

Latest statistics showed that US imported 11.87 million units of tires in May, yearly decreasing 45%, and monthly down by 29%.

In the first five months, US imported 86.82 million units of tires in all, yearly declining 15.2%. Amongst, there were 13.81 million units imported from China, year-on-year decreasing 22%, and 20.61 million units imported from Thailand, year-on-year down by 3.2%.

Besides, US imported 2.04 million units of truck tires in May, yearly decreasing 41%, and monthly sliding 26% down; 6 million units of passenger tires imported at the same time, year-on-year jumping 55% and monthly down by 38%.

However, aircraft tire、bicycle tire and motor tire import showed different increase in May. Especially, bicycle tire import in May monthly surged 49%.

As the most important tire importers for US, China and Thailand's tire export to US respectively declined 31.1% and 27.5%.

Statistics showed that tire market in US were shrinking, which would last long time because of COVID-2019.