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China tire export yearly decreases in first five months

Recently, China Customs released tire export datas of May.

In May, China exported 380,000 tons of tires, monthly increasing 10,000 tons compared to the export in April, but yearly diving 33.6% compared to the same period of 2019. Export value in May was 5.946 billion yuan, yearly down by 35.8%. 

Amongst, there were 360,000 tons of new pneumatic tyres exported in May, yearly decreasing 34.4%. Export value year-on-year jumped 37% to 5.577 billion yuan.

Suffering from global epidemic, China's tire export has been kept decreasing in the first five months.

According to statistics, there have been 2,110,000 tons of tires exported, yearly decreasing 18.6%, and 4.3 percentages down compared to past four months. Accumulated export value has reached 33.526 billion yuan, yearly decreasing 21.4%.

Amongst, there were 2,020,000 tons of new pneumatic tyres exported in the first five months, yearly decreasing 18.8%, and accumulated export value reached 31.957 billion yuan, yearly decreasing 21.8%. 

To be noticed that, global epidemic was still very serious in May, tire orders from overseas continued cutting. Since middle of June, orders from oversea turned growing.