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China tyre production drops 15% in 2020

Recently, China's Rubber Industry Association (CRIA) released its tire production in 2019. According to statistics, there were 652 million units of tyres produced in China, yearly increasing 0.61%.

Amongst, there are 132 million units of full-steel tyres produced, yearly decreasing 1%; 484 million units of half-steel tyres produced, yearly up 1.7%; 36 million units of bias tyres, yearly down by 7.7%. Meanwhile, tyre export accounts for 41%, tyre replacement accounts for 37%, original tyre accounts for 22%.

Data also showed that China's average tyre production ratio reached 75% in 2019.

Shi Yifeng, general secretory of tyre association of CRIA, predicted that with auto industry gradually recovering overseas, China's truck tyre would be closed to last year's level. However, affected by COVID-2019, China's replacement tyre production would decrease 5% to 8%, and export would decrease 15%.

Meanwhile, China's passenger tyre export would suffer more serious loss, which was predicted to plunge 25%, Shi said, China's total tyre production may drop 15% in 2020.