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Suggestion of levying on automobile exhausts is under discussion

It’s reported that panel discussion was made during the 25th meeting of 12th session of Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on the afternoon of December 20th. Many committee members suggest enlarging the collection scope of environmental protection tax. For example, Luo Liangquan, one committee member said that,” The draft lists tax items for pollution discharges but it will easily omit other items.” For example, radioactive pollution, agricultural chemical pollution, forest and grassland pollution have not been considered. In the long term, plastic film, disposable goods, phosphorus washing powder, lithium cells and other pollutants, which bring obvious influences in the ecologic environment during their use, will also be taken into the collection scope of environment protection tax. Besides, the exhausts and traffic jam brought by motor vehicles and other transportation tools will also be levied.

Reporters have interviewed relevant scholars on whether vehicle exhausts should be levied or not. Niu Wenjun, Vice Professor of Inner Mongolia University said to NBD Auto that, the current draft has no clear definition on auto exhausts. But it should be emphasized that only traditional vehicles, rather than alternative energy vehicles or BEV models, should be levied tax on their exhausts.