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China Mobile to build new IoV company as mainstay in traffic industry

On March 20,China Mobile Communications Corporation Government and Enterprise Service Company (hereinafter the company) officially announced at a press conference that the company will build a new national-centralized IoV (Internet of vehicles) company that will reportedly become China Mobile's sales mainstay as well as the construction and operation body in traffic industry.

At the press conference, the company also launched 4 versions of the third-generation intelligent rear-view mirrors, including two standard versions for the all-new X series, X2 and X3, which are available for personal car owners and enterprises’ vehicle fleets management, two industrial versions for the P Series, P1 and P2.

The four versions of rear-view mirrors have been upgraded to meet the demands from the consumers of the first two generations of “AND WAY” (an intelligent rear-view mirror brand developed by China Mobile). The standard versions X2 and X3 not only enlarge the display size to 6.86 inches, but also feature a global speech recognition function which drivers can turn on the rear-view mirror by voice. Based on the standard version, the industrial versions P1 and P2 are equipped with the 9.88-inch display and the upgraded chips that can achieve the round-the-clock vehicle monitoring and high-definition driving record.

It is noteworthy that the rear-view mirrors use AI technologies that endow the facility with automatic learning ability. Thus, by analyzing the data collected from the surroundings, the mirror can timely warn drivers of the potential dangers, such as drowsiness warning during high-speed driving and LDW (lane departure warning), etc.

As early as 2016, China Mobile had launched the first-generation 4G intelligent rear-view mirror that possessed functions like 4G connection, intelligent navigation and speech recognition, etc. Last year, the China's largest wireless carrier released the second-generation intelligent rear-view mirror X1 that was also the product under the “AND WAY” brand. Up to now, “AND WAY” had already owned over 200 thousand active users.