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Tire producers in Guangrao affected by air pollution alert

Guangrao county of Dongying city, Shandong province, issued on Dec. 2 blue alert on heavy pollutant weather.

Starting from the day, heavy air pollution choked the county, with the major pollutant being PM2.5.

According to relevant provisions, chemical, rubber, and other sectors with high air pollutant emission should adjust their capacities in line with the condition of air pollution and reduce emission.

As the “capital of tire”, most tire producers in Guangrao are likely to be affected by the emergency response move.

The county also requested relevant entities to take actions to control dust in construction sites, bare ground and material yards.

In early Dec., heavy air pollution covered several cities, including Jinan, Jining, Dezhou, Laiwu and Taitan, in Shandong due to unfavorable weather condition.