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China's Customs released 10 measures to help international trade recovery

On February 16, General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (short in GACC) released 10 measures to help international trade companies restart operation and improve international trade growing.

It is a good news for tire industry which is a main exporter in China.

Strengthen support & relieving operation difficulties

China's Customs would simplify registration procedures, and allow companies to make up some unimportant procedures after China's coronavirus ending.

And China's Customs will help middle/small-size companies solve problems which are met in the international trade, and guide the companies to standardize their management and avoid rules breaking.

Accelerating acceptance on imported equipments & materials 

China's Customs will accelerate acceptance on imported equipments and materials which the importers are in badly need.

Meanwhile, China's Customs will increase machine examine and reduce human examine. If importers don't want to turn up in the examination field, the importers could authorize others to show up or send email to notice related departments.

If goods are needed to test in lab, China's Customs accept the third party inspection or companies' self-declaration.

Expand agricultural products and food's import

China's Customs encourage registration of agricultural products and food importers, and encourage expanding import categories.

Support export expanding

China's Customs will supply convenience for exporters, such as accelerating registration procedures and so on.

Simplify medical import

Under controllable risks, China's Customs could permit imported medicals, which are used in China's coronavirus prevention, releasing with related departments' certification.

Simplify process trade companies' procedures

With delaying production, some of domestic process trade companies overtime filled up sorts of application. China Customs allows them to make up related materials with companies' postpone declaration.

Reduce field examination

China's Customs will simplify verify and write off procedures, and reduce field examination.

Simplify administrative punishment

China Customs will simplify and accelerate administrative punishment on companies/individuals involved in virus-prevention materials import, such as send punishment documents via fax, mobile massages and so on.

In general, the customs won't held related materials in custody.

Activity dealing with international restrictive trade

China's Customs will collect related information about international restrictive trade aiming at Chinese goods, and provide consulting service for Chinese import and export companies.

Strengthen E-Customs 

If there are documents needed face to face verify, the client could fill electronic documents through, and then make up paper documents after coronavirus ending.