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How will China’s tire labeling system go?

China Rubber Industry Association elaborated issues concerning China’s tire labeling system during China Green Tire Safety Week 2017.

Xu Wenying, secretary general of CRIA said in the future, there will definitely be only one tire labeling system in China.

Different from EU tire labeling rules

China’s tire labeling system has referred to EU tire labeling rules, but there are still obvious differences between them.

Xu said the greatest difference is that EU rules are mandatory, while in China it is voluntary.

She also revealed that China may legislate on the labeling system and enforce it.

Currently, a total of 39 enterprises have been actively applying for China’s tire labels, including renowned tire producers such as Linglong, Double Coin, Doublestar, and Fengyuan.

China’s tire labels draw attention from foreign enterprises

Since the implementation, China’s tire labeling system drew attention from large institutes and enterprises overseas.

Zhu Hong, head of the technical and economic committee of CRIA, said many overseas enterprises had set up plants in China and sold products here. Therefore, they are concerned about the establishment of tire labeling system.

Sumitomo, Pirelli, Continental and some other foreign-funded tire producers have been negotiating with CRIA on label application issues.

Some tire producers are considering labeling their tire products produced overseas as suggested by CRIA.

Zhu said it signals China’s tire labels are highly recognized by overseas tire producers.

Only one standard in future

Currently, China’s community, industrial association and some other institutes have different tire labels.

An industry insider said such situation will confuse consumers.

Chinese authority said China will keep one set of labels in the end, but which one will be kept is yet to decide.

Zhu believed no matter which set of labels is kept, the industry should make efforts to improve the tire labeling system and promote it to consumers.