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National Pollutant Discharge Permission Mechanism Comes Close to Tire Industry

The Ministry of Environmental Protection held a seminar, which gathered administrators of pollutant discharge permission, in Beijing.

Pollutant Discharge Permission to be Put Forward by Industries

The State Council is to publish the Implementation Rules on Pollutant DischargeControl Permission soon.

The seminar aims to implement the requests put forward by the Overall Plan on the Reform of the Ecological Civilization System, centering on the improvement of environmental quality, and push forward the pollutant discharge permission mechanism.

The seminar made clear the timetable and roadmap of the reform on pollutant discharge. MEP will be in charge of the application and granting of pollutant discharge licenses to thermal power and papermaking enterprises before end-2016.

A MEP official emphasizes that the pollutant discharge permission mechanism will be connected with a variety of environmental protective rules as well as the environmental influence assessment system, to form a lifetime administrative system.

The mechanism will apply the "licensed" administrative model, namely granting one pollutant discharge license to one enterprise, and the environmental protective administrators are to enforce the law with respect to the requests of the license.

The pollutant discharge permission has put emphasis on the duty of dischargers, it encourages eliminating outdated facilities, clean production, and technical reform, reducing the emission of pollutants, thus to improve the quality of the environment.

Green Manufacturing to be the Future of Tire Industry

Tire production is a highly polluting industry. Most of China's tire producers maintained traditional techniques, some of them lack pollutant disposal facilities, and these producers are large in number, which makes it difficult to supervise.

Currently, the pollutant discharge permission mechanism hasn't been applied to the tire industry.

An industry insider said that at the beginning of the enforcement of tire industrial access, pollutant discharge licenses had been a must. However, as the localities' enforcements of the mechanism vary, tire industrial access confronts difficulties.

In addition, the localities of the same province sometime implemented different policies.

Take the leading tire producing province, Shandong, as an example, Qingdao city has implemented relevant policies strictly, while Dongying city hasn't implemented at all.

The tire industry has a consensus that green manufacturing will be a necessary for China's tire industry to become stronger. The industry will restrain outdated capacity with severe pollutants in the future.

China Rubber Industry Association has been worked on the constitution of Clean Production Assessment Index System of Tire Manufacturing.

The system will be able to provide foundations to the implementation of environment management mechanism, such as the verification of producers' clean production and their application for pollutant discharge licenses.

The industry insider said the pollutant discharge permission has come close to the tire industry and it will be implemented nationwide very soon.