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When could Dongying tire industry realize transformation from old driving forces to new ones

Over the past few years, guiding by the new development concepts, Dongying city of Shandong province insists in reforming and upgrading traditional industries and nurturing emerging industries.

The city has gradually found out its own style during the process of transforming from old driving forces to new ones.

From traditional industries to high-end industries

The development of industry in Dongying has been based on its resource-intensive feature.

However, under complex macroeconomic situation and downcast pressure, the city’s traditional industries, such as petroleum and chemical, rubber and tire, non-ferrous metal, and petroleum equipment, have encountered bottlenecks.

To boost traditional industrial upgrade, Dongying government aims at high-end development by improving quality, increasing efficiency, and establishing modern industrial system.

It also plans to construct national high-end petrochemical industrial base, national auto and tire industrial base, national petroleum equipment industrial base, and high-end aviation service industrial base.

The target is to further realize in-depth and breadth development of the petrochemical, auto and tire, petroleum equipment and high-end aviation service sectors.

New dynamics being generated

Taidawang Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a local IT service provider that dedicate to becoming a leading tire e-commerce platform.

Over the past two years, the firm developed a “smart cloud-base” program that is capable of realizing comprehensive upgrade of smart network + intelligent manufacturing + intelligent logistics + intelligent ends.

As of end-2016, the company’s operating revenue exceeded 100 million yuan, doubled the amount earned in the previous year.

Although Dongying is a new city, it realized rapid development.

However, as the resources, external environment, and market change, development through heavy investment, greater consumption, and extensive development no longer are no longer suitable to today’s development concept.

To achieve better development, the city has to boost transformation from traditional industries to high-end industries, and nurture and create new driving forces.

Over the past few years, the city attached great significance to the transformation from old momentum to new momentum, and issued a variety of stimulus policies.

The new march has started, let’s wait for the good news.