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Two thirds of drivers unaware of tyre labelling

New research from Milton Keynes-based Just Tyres reveals drivers’ awareness of 2012’s EU tyre label legislation is low. More than two thirds (67 per cent) of drivers are unaware of EU legislation and only just under a sixth of drivers (15.5 per cent) even knew that the legislation existed.

Back in 2012, the tyre industry experienced a major shake up when EU tyre labelling for all UK tyre manufacturers, distributors and retailers was introduced. From then on, every tyre needed to be tested and measured for three specific ratings; fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise levels.

In addition, the research commissioned by Just Tyres found that: 17.5 per cent of people were unsure if they had heard of it or not; and only 10.8 per cent of those people surveyed had utilised the label information to make an informed decision when purchasing tyres.

Just Tyres marketing manager Tina Newman, said: “As the government is currently working through Brexit deals, we thought it was the perfect time to see what impact the EU labelling legislation has had on people buying tyres in the UK. Our research results show that whilst the EU labels were put in place to help consumers make a judgement on the best tyre in the three specific areas measured, many drivers have failed to even acknowledge the legislations existence.

Newman continued: “Whilst the energy ratings for an electrical appliance seem to be the norm, consumers are not utilising the tyre label information as a basis for deciding which tyre to purchase.  This could be due to a lack of knowledge or perhaps because all tyres, after all, are just round and black and buyers prefer to consult with the tyre experts to assist in the buying process?”

“At Just Tyres, we take a different approach and ensure that our customers are aware of the tyre label ratings of the tyres we recommended, prior to fitment as all ratings can be easily read online when drivers are selecting their tyres.”