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“Belt and Road” dividends spurs auto exported volume, while auto sales volume meets slight decline in April

Statistical data shows that auto companies have total exported volume of 68,000 units in April, decreasing 3.6% month-to-month and increasing 26.3% year-to-year. The exported volume keeps continuous growth for nine consecutive months since August of last year. Total exported volume accounts for 245,000 units from January to April this year, growing 29% year-to-year.

It’s remarkable that vehicles exported to countries along “Belt and Road” show a relatively large growth in March, higher than the average growth in the industry. Total amount for exported vehicles to above countries reaches USD 2.35b in March, increasing 52.8% month-to-month and 15.8% year-to-year. It accounts for 35.4% of total exported amount. The number of exported vehicles reaches 42,000 units, increasing 44.8% with February and accounting for 59.6% of total exported number.

Production and sales volumes of auto markets all met declines in April, just as expected. Latest data shows that production and sales volumes of auto markets reach 2.14m units and 2.08m units respectively in April, declining 17.9% and 18.1% with last month. The total production and sales volumes reach 9.27m units and 9.09m units in the previous four months this year, increasing 5.4% and 4.6% year-to-year.

Apart from SUV vehicles, other models including cars, MPV, and crossover passenger vehicles all meet sales declines in April. Sales volume of Japanese brands keeps a fast growth, while Korean and French brands show obvious declines in April.