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2017 Sales Target of Ten Joint-Venture Automakers

According to data, domestic vehicle sales and production reached 28,119 thousand units and 28,028 thousand units respectively in 2016, a growth of 14.5% and 13.7% compared with that of 2015 and still the world first. Influenced by national policies, most of the joint-venture brands realized their targets in 2016. However, experts predicted that, the trend will changed since the halve policy for purchase tax of vehicles bellow 1.6L displacement ended this year. Sales targets of ten automakers are promoted this year, ranging from 100 to 1,400 thousand units.

FAW-Volkswagen (not include Audi)

2017 Sales Target: 1,405 Thousand Units

Contributed by Sagitar, Jetta, Bora and Golf, FAW-Volkswagen had an accumulate sale of 1,315 thousand units in 2016, a year-on-year increase of 17.3%. Sales target of FAW-Volkswagen in 2017 will promoted 6.84% to 1,405 thousand units.

Beijing Hyundai

2017 Sales Target: 1,250 Thousand Units

In 2016, Beijing Hyundai sold 1,140 thousand units cars totally, raised 7.5% year over year. It has planned to list 10 new cars in 2017 to strengthen the competitiveness of the products and to achieve 2017’s sales target, namely 1,250 thousand units.

FAW Toyota

2017 Sales Target: 700 Thousand Units

FAW Toyota has sold 658.8 thousand units cars in 2016, a growth of 6.47% compared with that of 2015. As the last year of Toyota’s three-year revolution, the automaker will converted to “Offensive Marketing” this year. It has had 7 new cars under planning, including modified models of new Carola Hybrid, new RAV4, etc. And it will continue to introduce small-sized two-compartment vehicles to achieve the 700-thousand-unit goal.

Dongfeng Yueda Kia

2017 Sales Target: 700 Thousand Units

Sales of Dongfeng Yueda Kia in 2016 was 650,006 units, a 5.5% growth of 2015’s 616,100 units. In 2017, the company will start a “Double 7” marketing strategy with sales target of 700 thousand units and is going to release 7 new cars.

GAC Honda

2017 Sales Target: 690 Thousand Units

Contributed by Accord, Vezel and Fit, GAC Honda was sold 638.8 thousand units in 2016, surged 10.1% comparing with that of 2015. This year, it is aimed at 690 thousand units sales, 8.02% increased from that of 2016. It also plans to introduce 1.5T model of Avancier.

Dongfeng Honda

2017 Sales Target: 650 Thousand Units

Dongfeng Honda has sold 595.7 thousand units cars in 2016, surged by 47.4% year over year. It aimed at 650 thousand units sales in 2017 and will list two new cars, the brand new CR-V and UR-V.


2017 Sales Target: 435 Thousand Units

GAC-Toyota has sold 430 thousand units cars till December last year, up nearly 40% year over year. Levin and VARiS L counts more than 50% of 2016’s total sales. In 2017, GAC-Toyota targets to sell 435 thousand units cars and release 3 new cars, one of which will be produced based on Toyota’s global TNGA platform. 

Changan Mazda

2017 Sales Target: 300 Thousand Units

Changan Mazda was sold 198.6 thousand units in 2016, higher than its 160-thousand-units target and was 31.34% soaring from that of 2015. The automaker is to introduce new Axela and to sell 300 thousand units cars in 2017. 


2017 Sales Target: 120 Thousand Units

FAW-Mazda was sold 12,032 units in December, 2016. The total sales of 2017 will have an increase of about 30% to 120 thousand units. 


2017 Sales Target: 100 Thousand Units

GMMC will have more products for the market in 2017 and struggle to double the sales of 2016 and to achieve 100 thousand units.