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Sales of Self-Owned Vehicle Brands in 2016

According to growing rates of eight self-owned brands which announced their sales or sales growing situation, average increment of self-owned brands has reached 52.15%, far beyond the growing rate of auto industry.

The First level: With Sales Above One Million Units

Undoubtedly, Changan Automobile is to be the NO.1 of self-owned brands for sales in 2016. It can be speculated from accumulative sales of Changan Automobile from Jan. to Nov., during which Changan had 1168.4 thousand units vehicles sold and a year-on-year increase of 26%, sales of the brand have already surpassed its total sales of 2015 (1007 thousand units), and still kept far away with that of Great Wall Automobile.

The Great Wall Automobile is the second self-owned brand to have its sales surpass one million units last year. Sales of Haval H6 have been successively rising, its sales of November 2016 even exceeded 70 thousand units. It directly decides the market performance of the Great Wall Automobile.

The Second Level: With Sales Surpassed 700 Thousand Units

Geely already announced that, its sales of 2016 has reached 760 thousand units, 49% increased comparing with the previous year. Chery also is expected to have its 2016 sales break 700 thousand units and increasing 27% year over year. Sales amount of Geely will be higher according to the growing rates.

Competitors to be Reckoned with

Up to Dec. 29th,2016, sale of JAC has reached 365 thousand units and is expected to be 370 thousand units for the whole year. Since it was growing in big strides in 2015 and stay steadily in 2016, JAC aimed a sales target of 400 thousand units in 2017.

Trumpchi has announced that, its sale in 2016 has been 370 thousand units with a 97% growth year over year, almost doubled from the previous year.

SAIC also has had its sales of passenger cars surpassed 300 thousands units. Contributed by Roewe RX5, total sales of SAIC’s passenger cars broke 320 thousand units, a 89% growth year-on-year, and had a full-year profit for the first time.