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Experts discuss tire industrial new trends on Xingda business meeting

The 2018 Xingda Business Meeting was held on Nov. 29 in Sanya, Hainan province.

The theme of the meeting is Break Through, Ride the Trend, and Co-existence.

(Li Yongwu)

(Li Weiguo)

(Xu Wenying)

Li Yongwu, former chairman of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, Li Weiguo, CPC party secretary of Xinghua city, Jiangsu province, and Xu Wenying, vice chairwoman and secretary general of China Rubber Industry Association, attended the meeting and gave keynote speeches.

Experts and scholars home and abroad, as well as experts and managers from automotive, tire, and rubber sectors of over 260 people attended the meeting.

(Liu Jinlan)

(Zhao Fuquan)

Liu Jinlan, board chairman of Jiangsu Xingda Steel Cord Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech on the ecological development and progress of the industry in future; while Zhao Fuquan, chairman of Tsinghua Automotive Strategy Research Institute, elaborated the development orientation of the automotive industry and the changes on relationship between the manufacturers and supporting businesses under the new trend.

In addition, David Shaw, president of Tire Industry Research, Fu Shoujie, board chairman of Wanli Group and others foreign experts shared their views on the tire industrial changes, changes of production models, and orientation of customers.

Renowned economist Xu Xiaonian made in-depth analysis on the economic development and enterprises’ bio-environment in the era of post industrialization.

The meeting was initiated by Jiangsu Xingda Steel Cord and co-organized by Beijing Research & Design Institute of Rubber Industry.