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GAC Group clocks drop in Jan.-Nov. wholesale volume, but deliveries rise

GAC Group reported a year-on-year drop of 4.27% in November wholesale volume, 8.93 percentage points less than the Oct. sales. By the end of November, 2019, the Guangzhou-based automakers had been facing sales downturn for five successive months.

The cumulative sales for the first eleven months fell 4.34% from the year ago. Based on the previous data collected by Gasgoo, we found out that the decrease in GAC's year-to-date wholesale volume has been remaining a quite stable level so far this year.

Besides, the automaker said retail sales in November edged up 1.17% over a month ago to around 183,000 units. After eleven months through November, around 1.8878 million consumers took delivery of GAC Group's vehicles, up by 1.65% compared with the prior-year period. 

Both GAC Honda and GAC Toyota clocked year-on-year growth in year-to-date sales. GAC Group said there were two models whose Jan.-Nov. sales exceeding 200,000 units, namely, the Accord from GAC Honda and the Levin from GAC Toyota. The sales volume of the Accord and the Levin series amounted to 204,300 units (+30%) and 203,400 units (+14%) through November. 

As for the performance in terminal market, all three Sino-Japanese joint ventures achieved increase in year-to-date deliveries. Specifically, GAC Honda, GAC Toyota and GAC Mitsubishi handed over to consumers 697,700 vehicles (+7.3%), 602,200 vehicles (+13.4%) and 122,400 vehicles (+2.7%) respectively.

GAC Motor, the group's self-owned PV unit, saw its Nov. sales slide 12.76% year over year, versus the 36.13% slump in Oct. sales. However, its year-to-date sales still represented a double-digit drop of 28.81% affected by the former dismal performance. 

GAC Group claimed via its WeChat account that a total of five models featured sales volume topping 10,000 units in November—the Trumpchi GS4 (11,400 units), the Accord (19,100 units), the Camry (18,400 units), the Crider (15,800 units) and Vezel (12,900 units).

With 6,036 BEVs sold in November, the NEV arm GAC NE boasted a significant hike of 100.3% compared with the same period in 2018. Of those, the sales volume of the Aion S was 5,341 units.

Moreover, the group sold a total of 45,200 new energy PVs through November, posting a remarkable year-on-year leap of 132%. Of that, roughly 32,400 units were sold by GAC NE, soaring 91.4% over a year ago.