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ZC Rubber unveils Flagship Series passenger tire products

Chinese tire maker Zhongce Rubber Group Co. Ltd. (ZC Rubber) launched what it is calling its "Flagship Series passenger car tires" during an event held in Hangzhou on Dec. 29.

During the event, ZC Rubber unveiled its Flagship Series lineup for its tire brands Chaoyang (Arisun), Westlake, Goodride and Trazano. The products are built with "innovative technology," the tire maker said, underscoring its "commitment to meet the growing and diverse needs of consumers."

ZC Rubber, the 10th largest tire maker in the world, said the Flagship Series passenger tires offer consumers quality, value, and style, as ZC Rubber targets the high-end passenger tire market for growth.GoodrideShen Jinrong, chairman of Zhongce Rubber Group, said his company has invested considerably in the research and development of the Flagship Series products, "which are the consolidation of our scientific research achievements in recent years," he said. "After rounds of testing and modification, we are confident that the Flagship Series will become comparable to the world's top tire brands."ZC Rubber said the series provides improved safety, controllability and comfort while improving fuel economy, noise and grip performance, incorporating Chinese aesthetics in the carcass design.

According to ZC Rubber, each product has different features, meeting a variety of consumer needs.

"We can proudly say that we have redefined premium tires made in China," Ge Guorong, vice president of Zhongce Rubber Group, said. "We also believe that this series will become a smart choice with quality, value and style for consumers."

After launching the Flagship Series in China, ZC Rubber will launch it globally later in 2021.

ZC Rubber recently unveiled billboards advertising its Arisun and Westlake tire brands in New York's Times Square as well as famous locations in Australia, Thailand and Germany.

The billboard in New York is a sprawling 15,000-sq.-ft. LED display up the side of the 25-story American Eagle store in Times Square.

ZC Rubber ranked among the top 10 global tire companies on Tire Business' Top 75 list in 2020 for the ninth straight year with 2019 tire sales of $3.59 million.

The Hangzhou-based company is represented in North America by Walnut, Calif.-based ZC Rubber America, which has a warehouse distribution location in Statesville, N.C. It also has offices in California, Illinois, Florida and Tennessee.

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