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Zhongce Rubber tightens cooperation with agencies

Recently, Zhongce Rubber's shareholders changed again.

Journalist from Tirewolrd learned that Zhongce Rubber has adjusted its senior management. The company accepted board director Zhu Zhengdong's resign, and appointed Lu Hongbo to be new director. 

Not long before, Zhongce Rubber's shareholders has changed once in February 2020. Its capital investment shareholders disappeared from its shareholder list. And Hangzhou Chaosheng Corporation Management Co.,Ltd. became new shareholder.

An insider told Tireworld that most of Hangzhou Chaosheng Corporation Management Co.,Ltd.'s shareholders are Zhongce Rubber's area agencies.

In 2018, Zhongce Rubber sold 57% of shareholders to Hangcha Group、Great Star and Red Avenue New Materials Group, which have connection with Chou Jianping, controller of Zhongce Rubber

Zhongce Rubber is one of largest tire manufactures in China.