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A Chinese carbon black company went into bankruptcy

Baohua Carbon Black Company's Guizhou subsidy would go into auction in July, source from

The Guizhou Subsidy would divide into two parts. One is the company's housing and landing asset, starting price at 7,992,200 yuan; the other is the company's receivable accounts, advance charge and other accounts, totally 6,666,500 yuan, would be at auction either.

Baohua Carbon Black (Guiyang) Company was founded in 2003. Suzhou Baohua Carbon Black took 58.55% of shares in the company. After years of deficit, Baohua Guiyang Company has been stopping production for several years.

In July 2018,  Suzhou Baohua Carbon Black applies bankrupt and clear audit for Baohua Guiyang. After audited, the company's total asset was only 7,5000 yuan, but was in 60,410,000 yuan of debt.

In that case, local court has announced that Baohua Carbon Black (Guiyang) Company went broke on Dec.6,2019.